• Terry Gosnell vs.

    Verdict in favor of Mr. Gosnell

    Ruled his former employer did not provide him a reasonable accommodation due to his disability and terminated his employment improperly

  • Haley Manley vs.
    Laurens County Sheriff Office

    Obtained favorable settlement in which Ms. Manley alleged to be forced to resign her employment because she would not have an abortion.

  • Jesse Harris vs.
    Hartness International

    Judgment in favor of Mr. Harris where his employer terminated his employment in violation of Mr. Harris’s religious beliefs.

  • April Watt vs.
    Racetrack Petroleum

    Judgment in favor of Ms. Watt, where her employer terminated her because she was pregnant, in violation of the Family Medical Leave Act.

  • State of South Carolina vs.
    Fred Dawkins Burgess

    Not guilty verdict, whereby Mr. Reckenbeil represented Mr. Burgess’s standing trial accused of murder.

  • State of South Carolina vs.
    Andres Tores

    Mr. Reckenbeil was 2nd chair in Death Penalty case for the Defense.